Do what feels right, play what sounds good. Bapping drums, a subtle bass & frisky jazz chords on keys build the bed for BNMO to drift away on his saxophone. Soothing brass sections unfold like adlibs to a rapper’s braggadocio. Above it all, the buttery lead melody, telling its tale. Putting all distractions aside, not worrying about crazy harmonies or complex arrangements, he enjoys the music and vibes with it. Just like Miles. Because music and life are all about style.

BNMO (pronounced Ben Nimmo) found his way to the Block Opera on unconventional terms. One of our in-house mastering engineers, the intern, kept hearing the name repeatedly when asking another client about their production credits and decided to reach out. After two heavily jazz infused collaborations on other Block Opera releases (check our catalog), it was about time for some of his own production to be set free.



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