Dead Rabbit


Light gets broken in a blink of an eye, sound is altered as it passes by. All that matters is you, all matter passes through, gets altered, becomes new. You’re just a piece of the puzzle, the expedient.

Dead Rabbit has mastered the art of refraction. He composes music like a movie script, breaks the big picture into pieces, rebuilds its patterns, diverts sound to new tiers of beauty. The humble and introvert producer primarily known as the mastermind behind Marsimoto’s Rap classic “Halloziehnation” comes out of his shell and releases his first instrumental EP via Block Opera, allowing intimate insights to his versatile production style and composing abilities.

Each track emerged from its own genesis, each track carries its unique mood, each track scores a different scene. Feature artists 7apes, Audhentik & ​​fellow Green Berlin member Nobodys Face add their very own frames of sound, making “Refractions” the perfect soundtrack to a movie yet to be made.





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