Helsinki. Icy desert, godforsaken city in the periphery of Europe. Tempestuous winter storms swathing the city lights in gusts of grey. And yet, it’s the crossroad of the East and West. Old pawn shops & swap markets bear old Soviet grooves, forgotten treasures waiting to be rediscovered. Enter Koti6, collectors of reflections, creators of sound. Collage artists, unraveling sonic memory, finding beauty hidden under decades of dust. Recoding the old script. Time transformed into Space. Koti6 travel above the crowds, above the clouds where the sounds are sublime, infinite skills create miracles. Flashback Odyssey.

Koti6 is a joint project between a beatmaker and a record collector from Helsinki, Finland. The duo creates eclectic instrumental music that stems from the tradition of 80s and 90s hip-hop culture. Both members have been involved in various groups since 1993. Aside from manifold productions for vocal artists, they’ve released mixtapes and an album of their own in the past, making an impact in their local scene. Flashback Odyssey is a new beginning, and we’re very happy to put Koti6 on the global map.



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