Titus Martinu


Sonic textures, blurring harmonies, odd rhythmics. Titus Martinu is filling the space between the notes, creating musical snapshots; temporary, dissolving, yet everlasting memories. Socialized in the merits of the German classical music education landscape, Titus Martinu started learning the violin at the tender age of four, switched to cello at seven, and added piano at twelve. His musicality got recognized early on - he received numerous prizes and the German Music Council (“Deutscher Musikrat”) honored his talent with several advancement awards.

Paired with the role model effect of his elder brother who showed him the likes of early Kanye West instrumentals and Dilla productions, he started inventing his own world of sound, taking in the impressions of both, the oeuvre and color’s of classical music and the groove of instrumental hip-hop production.




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