Cassiz - Alpha


Release: 08.07.2020 // BIT013


Time flies! We put together a little something for our 1-year anniversary. Thanks to all the wonderful people joining our journey and making their very special mark. On to the next one!


„I’m virtual, but my reality is confusing you. You’re addicted ’cause my substance is abusing you.“ So here you are. Doomsday. Your fists are clenched, your body is a fortress. You’re squinting your eyes as the apocalypse nears. The wind is blowing up the soil of the earth around you. Sound and vision are a mere blur at this point, with the world trembling beneath your feet. It is time. Unidentifiable noise & textures from a distance, the rumble soften your knees. Arpeggiated synths paint a picture of a world that is about to collide. Before you know it, this beast of a beat lays its mask of hard hitting drums and flying hi-hats over you like a coat of dark energy. CASSIZ just played you suckas like Sega.


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