7apes & Joha - Earthbound


July 30, 2021


Mastered by Heiko "Heitech" Bader
Catalogue: BIT053
© Block Opera 2021

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Earthbound. Proximity and reverberation in unity. Arisen from the real world, fused in its own musical entity. A mesmerizing heartbeat captures any hindrance from Zen. Swirling chords and tranquil leads nurse you to relax and wander from Space Age to avant-garde Rhythm & Blues. Creative freedom, the Mother of inner beauty. 7apes & Joha embraced all of the above when they composed their most recent piece.

Performance by Céline Weigt
Concept by Céline Weigt & Valentin Dittlmann
Regie, DoP & Schnitt: Valentin Dittlmann


Earthbound Remixes. 7apes & Joha have passed on the torch to some of our favorite producers to re-envision their most recent piece of art. Sparked with new creativity and an open mind, Drum Quixote was the first to give the tune his very own spin, turning Earthbound into a modern day hip-hop gospel. Next up, none other than eclectic electric techno legend K-Paul took the building blocks to mold his own masterpiece in true Lexy & K-Paul fashion. All good things come in threes, though, so label mate & Green Berliner OG Nobodys Face took matters into his hands, crafting a dancefloor shaker that’ll make you bounce, concluding the remix trilogy.


01. 7apes & Joha - Earthbound
02. 7apes & Joha - Earthbound (Drum Quixote Remix)
03. 7apes & Joha - Earthbound (K-Paul Remix)
04. 7apes & Joha - Earthbound (Nobodys Face Remix)


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