Nobodys Face - Beats Beim Drehen II


Mastered by Andreas "Hund" Jung
Catalogue: BIT019
UPC: 4260657120520
© Block Opera 2020

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2020 vision. Screw a concept of space and time, because life repeats itself, life repeats itself, life repeats itself. Nobody’s Face goes beyond the future, leaving the metaphors we live by behind. Once again, he’s created thriving rhythms & mind expanding spheres of sound. Listen, exceed the conscious, submerge reality.

Featuring Dead Rabbit, Torky Tork, Cap Kendricks, Robot Koch, 7apes and DJ Piper, Nobody’s Face is spinning the wheel of fortune for just one more time this year. Don’t you know that life manipulates itself around us? Nothing you can do about it. Just roll with it. Roll with it. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it, repeat. “Beats Beim Drehen”, Round 2.