Cap Kendricks - Planet B


June 26, 2020


Mix & Mastered by Cap Kendricks
Catalogue: BIT011
UPC: 4260657120056 (Digital)
© Block Opera 2020

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Matter of Perception. The faster you move, the slower your time passes until you reach light speed, at which point time stops and does not move forward or backward. Your high is takin signs and the shit is about to kick. You turn around and look at the world, your inner self, what do you see? Planet B.

Cap Kendricks takes us on a trip through the human mind. Body high. New space is expanding everywhere, all the time. Before you know it, you're drifting through a world of dreams and and a blur of memories. Fuzzy textures make you float through your psyche, drippy and shimmering synth pads create a universe onto themselves. And just when you thought you were safe, the music teleports you into another galaxy. Are you trippin' yet? What's your planet B?


01. Planet B
02. Earthchilds
03. Stellar Dust
04. Saturnian Potion ft. Clap Cotton
05. Ridin Alone
06. The Get Up
07. Worst Case
08. Waste Of Space


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