June 26, 2020


Mix & Master: KUSO GVKI
Catalogue: BLOCK002
UPC: 4260657120353 (Digital)
© Block Opera 2020


After a brief hiatus, Germany’s self proclaimed „second best producer“ is back with an unexpected release. For his videosingle “Crack”, KUSO GVKI teamed up with Pornceptual to showcase the diverse landscape of Berlin club culture and counter the inflationary portrayal of sexualised machismo. „For a lot of people, these clubs provide a safe space to express themselves freely and that is so important.“

The music of the up-and-coming producer stands out for its eclectic blend of different cultural backgrounds. “Crack” pays homage to legends such as Juan Atkins and Robert Hood and the dance music that emerged from Chicago and Detroit.

In real G House fashion, he chops up Khia’s classic “My Neck, My Back” and makes heavy use of the sounds of the infamous 808, 909 and 303, all of which were designed by Japanese Engineer Tadao Kikumoto and changed dance music forever. With „Crack“, KUSO GVKI proves once and for all that he’s more than „just another beat maker“.


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