KUSO GVKI - Culture


September 27, 2019


Catalogue: BLOCK002
UPC: 4270000615221 (Vinyl)
UPC: 4270000615238 (Digital)
© Block Opera 2019


Son of a bitch. It's been a minute since our antihero & hidden gem left Germany's hip-hop scene amazed by his highly acclaimed debut release. Enter 'Culture', the synthesis of bass heavy, modern production & arrangements, obscure rap cameos and dreamy vocal chops. 'Culture' is KUSO GVKI's very own way of setting a new standard of artsiness & musical freedom in 2019.

The beat wunderkind, raised in a Japanese home, uses his music to reflect on critical topics ranging from materialism and religion to sexism, violence, and racism, yet never without leaving plenty of space to explore his very own concept of modern day identity. KUSO GVKI's filthy art stretches the lines of political correctness over and over again, challenging his audience to look beneath the surface. The shitty brat did it again.


01. Konichiwa
02. Culture
03. Choices
04. Gender Studies II
05. Faji
06. Medusa (ft. Jeremiah)
07. Koi (ft. Gianni Mae)
08. Gone (ft. Casey)


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