DJ Döner - Outdoor Fitness / Homemade Ice Cream


March 8, 2023


Mixed by José Antonio Garcia Soler
Mastered by Andreas "Hund" Jung
Artwork by Julia Groll
Catalogue: BIT085
© Block Opera 2023

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Up, and down, up, and down side, step, jump and back. Good people, get those old bones moving again, because it’s time for “Outdoor fitness” with Kid Simius’ alter ego DJ Döner. Let’s get those hips swinging and get you trimmed for the roller disco! Wavy synths pads and a marching shuffle on the drums are the staple for your workout rhythm, sprinkled with vocal intermissions, flute & keys solo, the whole 9 yards. So get movin’, get groovin’, ‘cause the body achieves what the mind believes..

Fully dressed in his spandex shorts and string vest, DJ Döner is running the roller disco with his newest tune. Don’t forget your headband when you join and show off your footwork! Aww yeah, laser beams and disco balls, the 80’s are so back! With crispy clean 909 drums (yes, including the infamous cowbell), a plucky SH-101 bassline, Vocoder chops and thick and creamy Juno synths, DJ Döner creates melodies as sweet as “Homemade Ice Cream”.


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