freesi - More Soup


March 26, 2021


Mastered by Mathis "the intern" Peckedrath
Catalogue: BIT023
UPC: 4260657120582 (Digital)
© Block Opera 2021

GO TO freesi


Now this goes out to all the poppers & lockers, the  b-boys and b-girls, to all the lovers of music, the disco dancers and hip swinging boogaloos: let‘s move! freesi‘s been cooking, and you’re all invited. Dust off your shoulder and get ready as freesi adds his secret ingredients. Stabby synths & bouncy drums will make your body rock, funky ass basslines and moving melodies make sure you don’t stop.

Originally a breakdancer himself and a kid who grew up on hip-hop, he lets his rhythm and groove flow straight into the machines, both as a producer and DJ. So, without further ado, and with the words of the late and great MF Doom: „Speak up if you want some more soup“.


01. Who Dat?!
02. Chairman's Groove
03. Ayyyy
04. Funky Thing
05. Awlright


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