Kabuki - No Maps For These Territories


December 16, 2022


Mixed & Mastered by Mathis Peckedrath
Artwork by Bareis.Nicolaus
Catalogue: BIT074
© Block Opera 2022

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“This is a journey into sound. A journey which, along the way, will bring to you new color, new dimension, new values. And, a new experience.“ (Geoffrey Sumner)

Unprecedented times call for new ways of thinking. That was the mindset when Kabuki reached out to fellow instrumentalists with whom he had crossed paths before. The goal was to collaborate in an asymmetrical way. Communicating through musical ideas is a very instinctive process that would usually demand its own shared space and time. However, for this project, the exchange of musical vignettes prevailed until each song idea took shape. The approach was refined over time and became the underlying principle behind all the compositions that make up „No Maps For These Territories“.

Following in the footsteps of Kabuki’s previous releases, this album leaves all genre tropes behind and ventures out to discover uncharted lands, with the featured musicians being the keys to unlock new creative spaces. It is testament to the fact that you have to let go of the past in order to experience the present.


01. Escher ft. Tim Roth
02. Stick Shift ft. Matthias Voigt
03. Spartacus ft. Oliver Leicht
04. Magnitude ft. Markus Wach
05. Haze ft. Marko Mebus
06. Esperanto ft. Philo Tsoungui & Olivia Wendlandt
07. Medusa ft. Oli Rubow
08. Locked Grooves ft. Franzi Aller
09. Afterlife ft. Bokoya
10. New Era ft. Max Clouth


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