Supreme.Frost & Frogman - Sundae Walk


September 7, 2022


Mixed by Supreme.Frost
Mastered by Frogman
Artwork by Bareis.Nicolaus
Catalogue: BIT074
© Block Opera 2022

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Supreme.Frost & Frogman are in the neighborhood and they’ve brought just the right flavors for your tastebuds. Sounds as sweet as bourbon vanilla dripping down the wafer in the glistening sun, crispy drums sit amidst buttery basslines like caramel cookie dough and chunks of chocolate fudge. Synth stabs like strawberry shavings to top it off. Mhhh-mh! Sundae season is here. Go chase that ice cream truck as long as it’s on the block.

The two Hamburg based producers originally met at local beat battles and started choppin’ it up. Soon enough, they exchanged ideas and sent sketches back and forth, realizing Frogman’s chilled out lofi steez are whirling with Supreme.Frost’s hard hitting boombap smack like the vanilla classic at Steak ‘n Shake.


01. Chocolate Dough
02. Strawberry Hustler
03. Vanilla Frosting


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