The Hybrid Collective - Acid Room Sessions, Day One


April 8, 2022


Mastered by Mathis "the intern" Peckedrath
Catalogue: BIT060
© Block Opera 2022

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Redefine. The way the world has turned over the past years has forced us to redefine the way in which we consume music. With the closure of venues and events where we gathered with friends and strangers alike to experience music together, we have been given a rare opportunity to have a much more intimate relationship with our sense of sound. The Hybrid Collective, a group of musicians curated by DJ/Producer Werd Pace, is offering the perfect soundtrack for this new musical context. 

High volume. Imagine: all by yourself, you’re driving in your car, up the Pacific Coast Highway, the sun in your eyes. The music moves and changes slowly with the landscape, the loose and natural feeling of improvisation mirrors the majestic beauty of the California coastline without the slightest hint of pretentiousness. The sound is above all, warm; like a spring breeze and just as timeless, yet extremely specific to our present moment. 

Acid Room Sessions are a myriad of complex emotions, sonically expressing the seriousness of our current earthly predicament. These are the sounds that have been covered up by the hustle and bustle of the modern soundscape. An escape is necessary to fully immerse in this new world. It is only when we leave the light pollution of the city and travel through thick darkness that we are able to witness the complexity, beauty and immenseness of the stars and constellations; they have always been there to guide us, yet we seem to have lost sight of them lately. Day One, sunset.


01. Prowling
02. Catch the Train
03. Labradorite
04. Catacombs
05. Portal Crossing
06. Let's Bounce


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