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Smoke Trees & Lito Akari - Sirens
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Smoke Trees & Lito Akari - Sirens EP

Release: 25.09.2020 // BIT016




"Y" (Single)

As the sun makes the ice melt, the world gets soaked in a blur of clouds. You pronounce the word Future, and the first syllable already belongs to the past. Do the same with Silence, you destroy it. Smoke Trees & Lito Akari dive into the haze of our minds, reconnecting relationship interferences, guiding us through the fog. Analog warmth, spacious noise. Layers upon layers upon layers. Why us? Why now? At the heart of life, this is the ever remaining question. Why! 🧜🏻‍♀️

"The Only Ones Left" (Single)

Broken pieces of yesterday, remnants of a different life. At this point it’s just you and me. Kindness makes misunderstanding evaporate, mistrust and hostility disappear in the ocean of purity. What does it all mean? Smoke Trees & Lito Akari challenge you to ride their lo-fi waves in infinite togetherness. As the underwater world of bass is hitting a reef of textures, beautiful melodies carry you across the deep blue sea. You’re the only ones left. ⚓️

"Sirens" (EP)

The past increases, the future recedes. The whole world a daze. As you’re slowly steering your ship through the fog, uncertainty obscures your vision. Sirens are screaming your name from afar, memories of a long lost love shatter your brain. Focus. In an ocean of lo-fi waves & noisy textures, beautiful melodies and layers upon layers of analog warmth, Smoke Trees & Lito Akari are gliding over the azure. Destination unknown. 🧜🏻‍♀️


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