Release: 05.07.2019 / BLOCK001
Day X has arrived. For our pilot project, 16 renowned producers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined talents to deliver a unique acoustic testament of our time to posterity. "Cosmic Void" blends elements of Hip-Hop, Electronica, Boombap, Lo-Fi, Ambient, 808, Experimental, Trip-Hop and Pop into a stimulating soundscape, presenting the many facets of instrumental Hip-Hop in 2019. 

Exclusive contributions by 7apes, Robot Orchestra, Brenk Sinatra, NiteNite, the intern, Torky Tork, Drum Quixote, Enaka, Cap Kendricks, Dexter, Funky Notes, Twit One, Dienst&Schulter, Maniac, Smoke Trees and Dead Rabbit turn "Cosmic Void" into a must-have for Beat-Art-enthusiasts. Produced and designed meticulously, each packaging is handmade.

A1. 7apes - Floating City
A2. Robot Orchestra - Strange Beauty
A3. Brenk Sinatra - Bytrio
A4. NiteNite - Liquids
A5. the intern - Timestretch
A6. Torky Tork - The Descent
A7. Drum Quixote - Enroute to Beyond

B1. Enaka - Nebula
B2. Cap Kendricks - Zodiac Zoo
B3. Dexter - Embryos in Spaceships
B4. Funky Notes - Tipsy Tanks
B5. Twit One - The Land of Nod
B6. Dienst&Schulter - Command X
B7. Maniac - Moons & Goons
B8. Smoke Trees - W-58025
B9. Dead Rabbit - Epilog-Off




BLOCK OPERA is a label, think tank, network and home for producers and beatmakers who believe in their craft and vision. Major labels often stick to traditional structures, sometimes at the cost of flexibility in the fast-paced day and age we live in. This is where BLOCK OPERA provides adequate exposure and the right visual framework for projects from subgenres such as Instrumental Hip-Hop, Electronica, Experimental, Trip-Hop and Urban Jazz. 
Apart from daily label operations, including local and global distribution and marketing, part of our vision is shaping the beatmaking culture by providing a platform to share knowledge and content. Our network encompasses a dynamic synergy of distribution (digital & physical), copyright-management & publishing, design & animation, photography & film making, mixdown & mastering, as well as sponsoring and brand communication. This provides our producers with the unique opportunity to develop into well-established solo-artists in the long run, and allowing us as a collective to think big and achieve our goals as a team.


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