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Dead Rabbit - Refractions EP

Dead Rabbit - Refractions Cover

BIT044 - 27.08.2021

Light gets broken in a blink of an eye, sound is altered as it passes by. All that matters is you, all matter passes through, gets altered, becomes new. You’re just a piece of the puzzle, the expedient.

Dead Rabbit has mastered the art of refraction. He composes music like a movie script, breaks the big picture into pieces, rebuilds its patterns, diverts sound to new tiers of beauty. The humble and introvert producer primarily known as the mastermind behind Marsimoto’s Rap classic “Halloziehnation” comes out of his shell and releases his first instrumental EP via Block Opera, allowing intimate insights to his versatile production style and composing abilities.

Each track emerged from its own genesis, each track carries its unique mood, each track scores a different scene. Feature artists 7apes, Audhentik & ​​fellow Green Berlin member Nobodys Face add their very own frames of sound, making “Refractions” the perfect soundtrack to a movie yet to be made.


7apes & Joha - Earthbound

7apes & Joha - Earthbound

BIT038 - 30.07.2021

Earthbound. Proximity and reverberation in unity. Arisen from the real world, fused in its own musical entity. A mesmerizing heartbeat captures any hindrance from Zen. Swirling chords and tranquil leads nurse you to relax and wander from Space Age to avant-garde Rhythm & Blues. Creative freedom, the Mother of inner beauty. 7apes & Joha embraced all of the above when they composed their most recent piece.

Earthbound Remixes. 7apes & Joha have passed on the torch to some of our favorite producers to re-envision their most recent piece of art. With Drum Quixote, K-Paul & Nobodys Face we found the perfect match.

French Boy Nicky - Timelapse

French Boy Nicky - Timelapse Cover

BIT039 - 25.06.2021

Wait, what?! Who tf is French Boy Nicky?!! The newest beat wonder on the Block is hella young, bold, and bloody talented. Oh, and he never planned to make music in the first place. But, you know, when life gives you lemons… Growing up in Huddersfield, UK, meant killing time, day in, day out. Getting buzzed, tripping on some pills and, you know, finding ways to turn a profit. Then how did the kid end up with those buttery, wavy new age pop beats? Rumor has it he got a laptop with Fruity Loops as a paydown and got to work. Crackin’, innit?

Nobodys Face - Beats Beim Drehen II

BIT026 - 22.10.2021

2020 vision. Screw a concept of space and time, because life repeats itself, life repeats itself, life repeats itself. Nobody’s Face goes beyond the future, leaving the metaphors we live by behind. Once again, he’s created thriving rhythms & mind expanding spheres of sound. Listen, exceed the conscious, submerge reality.

Featuring Dead Rabbit, Torky Tork, 7apes and DJ Piper, Nobody’s Face is spinning the wheel of fortune for just one more time this year. Don’t you know that life manipulates itself around us? Nothing you can do about it. Just roll with it. Roll with it. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it, repeat. "Beats Beim Drehen", Round 2.


Q-Cut - Obstinate Bullfrog

Q-Cut - Obstinate Bullfrog Cover

BIT024 - 14.05.2021

The here present publication is the acoustic documentation of the insane and absurdly redundant experiments of Prof. Dr. Qlambo Oliphant. Misconstrued by the outer world, the autistic biochemist and leisure racer found shelter for his God-complex on Kaiju Islands.

Apart from some unsettling experiments with mantes, goats and even bears, one animal stood out. Tagged as „Obstinate Bullfrog”, Oliphant seems to have spent a considerable amount of time exploring the rogue North-African Bullfrog. Dr. Oliphant’s bigger plan is unclear. In spite of the risk this man holds against the world, Block Opera has decided to disclose the current state of affairs of the man yclept Q-Cut. We present to you the „Obstinate Bullfrog“.

freesi - More Soup

freesi - More Soup

BIT023 - 26.03.2021

Now this goes out to all the poppers & lockers, the b-boys and b-girls, to all the lovers of music, the disco dancers and hip swinging boogaloos: let‘s move! freesi‘s been cooking, and you’re all invited. Dust off your shoulder and get ready as freesi adds his secret ingredients. Stabby synths & bouncy drums will make your body rock, funky ass basslines and moving melodies make sure you don’t stop.

Originally a breakdancer himself and a kid who grew up on hip-hop, he lets his rhythm and groove flow straight into the machines, both as a producer and DJ. So, without further ado, and with the words of the late and great MF Doom: „Speak up if you want some more soup“.


Heitech - Sonolingo

Heitech - Sonolingo Cover

BIT021 - 04.02.2021

It’s the tail end of the psychedelic 60’s and paranoia is running the day. If it isn’t Charlie Manson, it’s the LAPD or the FBI or the mysterious body of something called „The Golden Phang“. So what is all this now?
It was a long hot day under the burning sun in Palm Springs. You know what they say - it never rains in SoCal. The land’s all dried up, withered from the heat. What the hell just happened out there? Everything’s gone from groovy to „where you at man?!“, suggesting a high level of fear or discomfort with the way things are headed. All eyes on me, I guess. Sh*t.
„Screw it, Heitech, you’re alive, man, so relax, take a breather!“ Windows down. The ’57 Buick is gliding over the asphalt on the PCH, calm and steady. It’ll be a brief visit in Santa Cruz to see an old friend, then back to San Francisco, ‘cause business awaits in the Haight. Rollin' down the freeway, swervin’...

Block Opera Shirt "Chain" #1 (2019-2020)


7apes & the intern - The Source

7apes & the intern - The Source Cover

BIT018 - 20.11.2020

„There’s divinity within, because we come from the divine, a force that’s not seen, but you feel it every time.“ (A Tribe Called Quest)

First there was Jazz. Gloomy strings and moody vibes link up with warm, rhodesy chords, driving drums unify with a minimalist bassline. You feel that immediate smooth bounce. 7apes & the intern are taking you back to The Source. Always Diggin’ in the crates, looking for the obscure, the jazzy, the soulful, the beautiful. Finding inspiration. Old to the new, and all at once, summer collapsed into fall. Let’s go cowboy, let’s roll!

Joha - Non Più

Joha - Non Più - Cover

BIT017 - 11.12.2020

“Have I learned anything about life? Only that human beings are divided into mind and body. The mind embraces all the nobler aspirations, like poetry and philosophy, but the body has all the fun.” (Woody Allen).

Eyes closed, inception. You are about to explore the imaginary place that is Joha, Non Più. Extensive studies grounded in Jazz and HipHop led the way to making Non Più a reality. Orchestrated rhythms lead the way through the world inside your mind. Cinematic ambiences, harmonic twists and colorful pictures drawn by sound trigger your body. Always genre defying, never predictable.

Joha. The classically trained pianist made a name for himself playing keys for many of Germany’s top HipHop artists, sharing the stage with the likes of Chefket, Samy Deluxe, Clueso and more. With Non Più, Joha defines his musical individuality, lending his very own landmark sound to the world of instrumental beatmaking.

Smoke Trees & Lito Akari - Sirens EP

Smoke Trees & Lito Akari - Sirens

BIT016 - 25.09.2020

Broken pieces of yesterday, remnants of a different life. At this point it’s just you and me. Kindness makes misunderstanding evaporate, mistrust and hostility disappear in the ocean of purity. What does it all mean? Smoke Trees & Lito Akari challenge you to ride their lo-fi waves in infinite togetherness.

The past increases, the future recedes. The whole world a daze. As you’re slowly steering your ship through the fog, uncertainty obscures your vision. Sirens are screaming your name from afar, memories of a long lost love shatter your brain. Focus. In an ocean of lo-fi waves & noisy textures, beautiful melodies and layers upon layers of analog warmth, Smoke Trees & Lito Akari are gliding over the azure. Destination unknown.






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GRIPTAPE Vinyl Front

BLOCK006 - 24.07.2020

There's always been something magical about the soundtracks of the skate flicks you watched as a kid, and the music would echo in your head for days. 7apes and Enaka joined forces to provide the soundtrack for your next ripping session. "Brrrrr stick 'em, ha-ha-ha stick", that chant rings in your ears as you lock in for that crooked grind. Rattling drums meet crunchy ass basslines as you pop down that staircase. 

The beat halts as the world turns slo-mo while you catch that frontside flip half way through the air. Boom, landed, and the beat goes on, and on, and on. Everyone comes running up to you, screaming & shouting, the energy is at peak. 7apes and Enaka know that feeling oh too well. On GRIPTAPE, they've turned it into sound, a hundredfold. S-K-A-T-E. Let's play.


Cap Kendricks - Planet B - Cover

BIT011 - 16.06.2020

Matter of Perception. The faster you move, the slower your time passes until you reach light speed, at which point time stops and does not move forward or backward. Your high is takin signs and the shit is about to kick. You turn around and look at the world, your inner self, what do you see? Planet B. 

Cap Kendricks takes us on a trip through the human mind. Body high. New space is expanding everywhere, all the time. Before you know it, you're drifting through a world of dreams and and a blur of memories. Fuzzy textures make you float through your psyche, drippy and shimmering synth pads create a universe onto themselves. And just when you thought you were safe, the music teleports you into another galaxy. Are you trippin' yet? What's your planet B?


BLOCK005 - 29.01.2020

You're doing your rounds. Running in circles. Always the same. You know - upside down, round and round. The eternal rat race. Don't be fooled, a new record won't get you out of this mess, but hey, it would be a hell of a soundtrack, that's for sure. 'Beats Beim Drehen' is the second producer-album by Nobodys Face. 

14 tracks, entirely instrumental, in part solo, in part produced during sessions with other heavyweights (e.g. Farhot, Torky Tork, Suff Daddy, Dead Rabbit, 7apes, BENDMA, nomono) in the game. Always Green Berlin though. Somewhere between greener grass and sombre corners in the club, spheric lo-fi vibes meet brute signature-bass braggadocio. And you? You're in the midst of it all.


Packed Rich - Elementals - Vinyl Mock-Up Front

BLOCK004 - 24.01.2020

In chemistry, an activated complex refers to a collection of intermediate structures in a chemical reaction that persist while bonds are breaking and new bonds are forming. In music, there's an infinite number of combinations to make your heart bounce and your body rock. Packed Rich has found 16 of them. These are his Elementals.

At age 20, you don't think twice, you just do. With every new track, this kid is headed into the next experiment, constantly stretching the boundaries of sound. "What if?! Let's find out!" With a clear staple in instrumental Hip Hop, he likes to explore other worlds, bring in some housy 4 to the floor vibes, throw in some wonk of a broken beat, or completely space out on some jazz improv, just to see what happens. 


Lito Akari - Time Is Only Space And Sky Is Not The Limit (BLOCK003) - Bundle Mock-Up

BLOCK003 - 29.11.2019

Lito Akari's debut album is the narrative of extraterrestrial life arriving on planet earth. Nothing will ever be the same. It's a beat odyssey into the unknown through time and space of the infinite universe. Floating synthesizers and distorted tape deck sounds, atmospheric vocals over crackling vinyl and organic basses - Lito Akari creates weightlessness, infused with frilly drums, Lo-Fi beats drifting off to classic breaks and pumping West Coast vibes. 

The unconventional producer with German-Turkish roots blurs the boundaries between sample based production and life instrumentation. Fragmented sound recordings of contemporary witnesses lead through this experimental journey. The consistent mood of the concept album is also underlined visually with artwork and video art in his own handwriting. 


KUSO GVKI - Culture (BLOCK002) - Vinyl Mock-Up

BLOCK002 - 27.09.2019

Son of a bitch. It's been a minute since our antihero & hidden gem left Germany's hip-hop scene amazed by his highly acclaimed debut release. Enter CULTURE, the synthesis of bass heavy, modern production & arrangements, obscure rap cameos and dreamy vocal chops. CULTURE is KUSO GVKI's very own way of setting a new standard of artsiness & musical freedom in 2019. 

The beat wunderkind, raised in a Japanese home, uses his music to reflect on critical topics ranging from materialism and religion to sexism, violence, and racism, yet never without leaving plenty of space to explore his very own concept of modern day identity. KUSO GVKI's filthy art stretches the lines of political correctness over and over again, challenging his audience to look beneath the surface. The shitty brat did it again.


Cosmic Void (BLOCK001) - Front Packshot

BLOCK001 - 05.07.2019

Day X has arrived. For our pilot project, 16 renowned producers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined talents to deliver a unique acoustic testament of our time to posterity. "Cosmic Void" blends elements of Hip-Hop, Electronica, Boombap, Lo-Fi, Ambient, 808, Experimental, Trip-Hop and Pop into a stimulating soundscape, presenting the many facets of instrumental Hip-Hop in 2019. 

Exclusive contributions by 7apes, Robot Orchestra, Brenk Sinatra, NiteNite, the intern, Torky Tork, Drum Quixote, Enaka, Cap Kendricks, Dexter, Funky Notes, Twit One, Dienst&Schulter, Maniac, Smoke Trees and Dead Rabbit turn "Cosmic Void" into a must-have for Beat-Art-enthusiasts. Produced and designed meticulously, each packaging is handmade.



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